Young Australians For Rhinos

Executive Committee


VinceVince Stander

Vince has spent the past ten years working in the Finance Industry and has been fortunate to have worked as a Safari guide in the Rhino rich environment of Northern KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa.  He enjoys organising events and getting people together for a great cause...of which this is definitely one.



Hayley myprofilepicHayley Dearlove

Hayley is South African born and immigrated to Australia as a child. Her career in Human Resources has seen her working in Asia and in Sydney and she has been fortunate enough to visit Africa on a number of occasions and feels very strongly about the assault on the wildlife in Africa and beyond. She sees the Young Australians for rhinos as an ideal forum as a force for change to educate people about the benefits of conservation and to assist in the development of solutions to protect rhinos and also to prevent the possible extinction of the oldest mammal on the planet.




neil raffan

Neil Raffan

Neil aims to support the sustainable development of our electricity sector through driving commercial initiatives, project management and regulatory analysis. He works in the renewable energy industry and researches electricity industry planning challenges. Neil loves the outdoors and has been fortunate enough to make several trips to Southern Africa’s game reserves, proudly receiving his tracking certificate on his most recent trip! Neil is excited by the opportunity that Young Australians for Rhinos has to play its part in the international effort needed to save this iconic species, with a positive influence on environmental awareness more broadly.




Chelsea parker edit

Chelsea Parker

Chelsea Parker is a lawyer in the Sydney office of a leading international law firm. Chelsea has been heavily involved in charity and community fundraising campaigns for many years, but has now turned her focus to saving the Rhino. Chelsea is a passionate and enthusiastic member of Young Australians for Rhinos and looks forward to the day when these magnificent creatures can roam free without the danger of being poached.






 belle lamond

Belle Lamond

Belle specialises in digital marketing and is currently working for a leading technology company in Sydney. Since a young age, Belle has been passionate about wildlife conservation and the environment, and has recently turned her energy towards The Australian Rhino Project in an effort to help save this majestic species. Belle believes that building awareness around this terrible issue is imperative to drive action and change. In the meantime, she believes that The Australian Rhino Project’s plan to create an insurance population of rhinos is the best way forward.





 danielle fryday

Danielle Fryday

Danielle Fryday Danielle is an Australian born and bred corporate learning and development consultant, freelance writer and avid traveller. Danielle discovered her passion for Africa and its wildlife during travels through South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya, and was deeply saddened to see so few rhinos during her visit in 2013. Danielle believes it is a global responsibility to save vulnerable animals from extinction, no matter where they call home, and sees The Australian Rhino Project as a key piece of the rhino conservation puzzle.





How Can You Help?

You can help The Australian Rhino Project in so many ways. If we are to achieve our goal of having a secure breeding herd of rhinos in Australia, we will require funding, so any donation that you can make will be extremely welcome.


News & Events

Ray Dearlove Steps Down

28/11/16 | The Australian Rhino Project team and board would like to advise that Ray Dearlove has stepped down from his position on the board and from the operational team of the Australian Rhino Project for personal reasons. Ray will remain a member of the organisation.

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Featured Stories

"I think this rhino project to start a breeding herd in Australia as an "Insurance Population" will be go down as one of the great conservation success stories of all times! This may be one of the last rolls of the dice for rhino and thus collectively, we have to make this project succeed!"     NORM GALLI, Manager Environment & Sustainability - AngloGold Ashanti Australia Limited

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